Selected Publications – Andrew Tedder

Hoebe, P.N.; Stift, M.; Tedder, A.; Mable, B.K. (2009) Multiple losses of self-incompatibility in North American Arabidopsis lyrata: Phylogeographic context and population genetic consequences. Molecular Ecology. 18 (23) 4924-4939

Tedder, A.; Hoebe, P.H.; Ansell, S.W.; Mable, B.K. (2010) Using chloroplast trnF pseudogenes for phylogeography in Arabidopsis lyrata. Diversity. 2 (4) 653-678

Foxe, J.P.; Stift, M.; Tedder, A.; Haudry, A.; Wright, S.I.; Mable, B.K. (2010) Reconstructing origins of loss of self-incompatibility and selfing in North American Arabidopsis lyrata: a population genetic context. Evolution 64 (12) 3495-3510

Tedder, A.; Ansell, S.W.; Lao, X.; Vogel, J.C.’ Mable, B.K. (2011) Sporophytic self-incompatibility genes and mating system variation in Arabis alpina. Annals of Botany 108 (4) 699-713

Fischer, M. C.; Rellstab, C.; Tedder, A.; Zoller, S.; Gugerli, F.; Shimizu, K. K.; Holderegger, R.; Widmer, A. (2013) Population genomic footprints of selection and associations with climate in natural populations of Arabidopsis halleri from the Alps. Molecular Ecology 22 (22) 5594-5607

Rellstab, C.; Zoller, S.; Tedder, A.; Gugerli, F.; Fischer, M. (2013) Validation of SNP allele frequencies determined by pooled next-generation sequencing in natural populations of a non-model plant species. PLoS ONE, 8, e80422. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0080422

Tedder, A.; Helling, M.; Shimizu-Inatsugi, R.; Kawague, T.; van Campen, J.; Sese, J.; Pannell, J.; Shimizu, K. K. (2014). Female sterility associated with increased clonal propagation suggests a unique combination of androdioecy and asexual reproduction in populations of Cardamine amara (Brassicaceae). Annals of Botany 115 (5)

Tedder, A.; Carleial, S.; Gołębiewska, M.; Kappel, C.; Shimizu, K. K.; Stift, M. (2014) Evolution of the selfing syndrome in Arabis alpina (Brassicaceae). PLos ONE, 10, e0126618. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0126618