(2019-11-14) – Visit by Dr. Åsa Lankinen

On November 14th and 15th, Dr. Åsa Lankinen from the Swedish Agricultural University in Alnarp is visiting DEEP and the Slotte lab at Stockholm University. On Friday November 15th at 1 pm she will give a talk entitled “Sexual selection and conflict in a mixed-mating herb” in Vivi Täckholmsalen.

(2019-10-31) – Swedish Research Council funding to the Slotte lab!

The project “The role of structural variation for the origin and evolution of a classic supergene” with Tanja Slotte as PI was funded by the Swedish Research Council for four years, starting in 2020. More information at the Swedish Research Council website.

(2019-10-24) – Welcome Alireza Foroozani, new postdoc in the ERC project!

Today Alireza Foroozani started his position as a postdoctoral fellow in the Slotte lab at Stockholm University. Reza will be working on the ERC project on distyly and supergene evolution in Linum. Welcome Reza!

(2019-10-17) – New group member in the lab!

Today Dr. Aleksandra Losvik joined us – she will be working as a research engineer in the Slotte lab. Welcome Aleksandra!

(2019-09-05) – News report on our recent study on linked selection

There is a nice writeup on our recent paper on linked selection (Mattila et al. 2019) here. The piece is also included in the latest SciLifeLab newsletter.

(2019-07-03) – Paper accepted!

Our paper “Impact of demography on linked selection in two outcrossing Brassicaceae species” resulting from a collaboration with Outi Savolainen’s group, is now accepted in Ecology & Evolution. Congratulations to all coauthors!

Mattila TM*, Laenen B, Horvath R, Hämälä T, Savolainen O, Slotte T*. 2019. Impact of demography on linked selection in two outcrossing Brassicaceae species. Ecology and Evolution, in press. * Corresponding authors

(2019-06-20) – Capsella S-locus paper accepted in New Phytologist

Our paper on the loss of self-incompatibility in the crucifer species Capsella orientalis has now been accepted for publication in New Phytologist. Many thanks to all coauthors for all your work on this!

Bachmann JA, Tedder A, Laenen B, Fracassetti M, Désamoré A, Lafon-Placette C, Steige KA, Callot C, Marande W, Neuffer B, Bérgès H, Köhler C, Castric V, Slotte T. 2019. Genetic basis and timing of a major mating system shift in CapsellaNew Phytologist, In press.