Slotte lab at the Stockholm University Frescati campus in October 2019. From left to right: Robert, Juanita, Jörg, William, Tanja, Reza, Aleksandra, Marco, and Sara.

Dr. Tanja Slotte, Associate Professor in Ecological Genomics

20190921-2019-09-21 13.54.51-2Tanja is a population geneticist who studies the genetic basis and genomic consequences of classic evolutionary transitions such as plant mating system shifts. She is broadly interested in using population genetic methods to understand how selection affects different classes of sites across plant genomes, and in the evolution of loci under balancing selection, such as mating system supergenes and self-incompatibility loci.

Tanja received her PhD from Uppsala University in 2007. As a post-doctoral fellow with Stephen Wright, she worked on the demographics of speciation and mating system evolution. As an Assistant Professor at Uppsala University, she started her own group working on plant evolutionary genomics. In April 2014 she took up a position as SciLifeLab Fellow at Stockholm University. In 2016 she became docent in Ecological Genomics at Stockholm University and in 2018 she became Associate Professor in Ecological Genomics.


Juanita Gutiérrez, PhD student

juanita_suJuanita received her Master’s Degree from University of Groningen and University of Munich as part of the MEME Erasmus Mundus programme. Juanita did a Master’s project on the impact of mating system on selection in plants in the Slotte lab, with Michael Fontaine as a supervisor at University of Groningen. Juanita started her PhD studies on June 1st, 2018 and is working on the Linum distyly S-locus project.

Jörg Bachmann, PhD student


Jörg is working on the project “Evolutionary consequences of dominance at a locus under long-term balancing selection”. He did his Masters thesis on mating systems in Cardamine, in the lab of Prof. Kentaro Shimizu at University of Zürich. Jörg started his PhD studies in September 2015.


Robert Horvath, PhD student

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 16.35.36Robert is working on population genetic analyses and analyses of regulatory variation in Capsella and Arabidopsis. Robert started his PhD studies in April 2016. Prior to that, Robert received his Master’s degree from ETH Zürich, where he completed a Master’s project on population structure and colonisation history in Cirsium arvense with Dr. Alessia Guggisberg.

Dr. P. William Hughes, Postdoctoral fellow

William Hughes

William is a postdoctoral researcher who joined the lab in November 2018. William’s main interests are on the evolution of reproductive traits that shape life history strategies. During his postdoctoral work at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, William studied the evolutionary consequences of pleiotropic regulation of flowering and seed traits in the Brassicaceae. William completed his PhD at Carleton University, where he studied phenotypically plastic semelparity in the herbaceous monocarp Lobelia inflata (Campanulaceae). He is currently working on the Linum distyly S-locus project.

Selected Publications

Dr. Marco Fracassetti, Postdoctoral researcher


Marco is a postdoctoral fellow who joined the lab in 2017. Marco did his PhD on genetic diversity and climate adaptation in Arabidopsis lyrata, at University of Neuchatel and University of Basel. In the Slotte lab he has worked on mating system evolution and population genomic analyses in the Brassicaceae, and currently he is working on the Linum distyly S-locus project.

Dr. Alireza Foroozani, Postdoctoral fellow

20191024-2019-10-24 15.08.09Reza is a postdoctoral fellow who joined the lab in October 2019. Reza did his PhD at Durham University and is now working on the ERC-funded Linum distyly S-locus project. 


Dr. Emma Berdan, Carl Tryggers postdoctoral fellow

emma_fliesEmma is a Carl Tryggers postdoctoral fellow who joined the lab in 2020 to work on the evolution of supergenes and linked selection. Emma has a strong interest in studying the evolution of large genomic structural variants (such as inversions, translocations, etc.) in nature.  For more information, see Emma’s website.

Dr. Aleksandra Losvik, research engineer & lab manager

AleksandraAleksandra joined the group in October 2019 to work as a research engineer in our molecular lab. She completed her PhD at Stockholm University and has a background in plant physiology.


Maya Edlund, PhD student

Maya is a PhD student at Stockholm University, with Gitte Petersen as main supervisor and Tanja Slotte as co-supervisor. Maya is working on genome evolution in parasitic plants, and started her PhD studies in 2019.

Xuyue Yang, PhD student

Xuyue is a PhD student at Stockholm University, with Peter Hambäck as main supervisor and Tanja Slotte as co-supervisor. Xuyue started her PhD studies in 2016.

Siri Birkeland, PhD student

Siri is a PhD student at the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, and has Tanja Slotte as a co-supervisor. Siri started her PhD studies in 2015.