(2022-08-15) – Paper on the Linum distyly supergene accepted in Current Biology

Our paper on the genetic architecture and evolution of the distyly supergene in Linum has been accepted for publication in Current Biology. Congratulations to first author Juanita and all coauthors!

Gutiérrez-Valencia J, Fracassetti M, Berdan EL, Bunikis I, Soler L, Dainat J, Kutschera VE, Losvik A, Désamoré A, Hughes PW, Foroozani A, Laenen B, Pesquet E, Abdelaziz M, Vinnere Pettersson O, Nystedt B, Brennan A, Arroyo J, Slotte T. 2022. Genomic analyses of the Linum distyly supergene reveal convergent evolution at the molecular level. Current Biology, In press.